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10 lipnja, 2008


Increase sales productivity by eliminating leads that fail to meet your target demographic
Generate a consistent stream of qualified, sales-ready inquiries at a fixed cost per lead
Eliminate the hassle of dealing with lead flows from multiple media vendors, and aggressive ad reps demanding a bigger chunk of your media spend
Take the risk out of demand generation by generating the precise number of leads you need, all meeting the criteria you specify

White Paper Connection utilizes CDI's vast network of media partners to ensure your content resides on those sites most likely to generate the most leads at the lowest cost. Plus we'll deal with those pesky ad reps so you don't have to. Ensure the Success of your Content Syndication Program with White Paper ConnectionTM

According to a recent study, more than 90 percent of technology buyers consult a white paper or case study before contacting a vendor regarding a purchase.

Content syndication is one of the most cost-effective ways to leverage your investment in white papers, Webcasts, podcasts, case studies, analyst reports, and other informational content by making those documents instantly accessible to millions of technology buyers searching for information related to your category or the business problem that your product solves.

There are now hundreds of third party Websites and ad networks that will post your content for a fee. And therein lies the risk. Which sites are the best fit for your target demographic? How can you avoid paying for international contacts, or students, or other junk leads that you don't need? When every ad rep is chasing a slice of your marketing budget by claiming his or her site is the perfect fit, who do you believe? (Remember, even "guaranteed performance" doesn't mean much if those leads are from outside your target audience.)

Introducing No Risk, No Hassle Content Syndication

White Paper Connection is a turnkey service - media, creative, program management, campaign tracking, lead management - that eliminates the risk, vendor hassles, and ongoing management from content syndication. Here's how it works:

You tell CDI how many leads you need, how much you're willing to pay for those leads, and what criteria you need those leads to meet (for example: geography, company size, industry, or even technical criteria such as type of software)
We consult our vast network of media partners - companies like CNET, ITToolbox, IT Business Edge, NetLine, and many more - and negotiate a package of content postings and other promotions that gives you precisely the number of leads you want, from the types of companies you want to talk to, at the cost you want to pay
We'll manage every facet of the campaign - develop a custom media plan, negotiate with the vendors, write the abstracts or any other required marketing copy, consult with you on the type of content proven to work best for other clients, place the content on your behalf, capture all registrations, and then consolidate that lead flow either into a CSV file to be delivered via e-mail, or set up an automatic data feed into Salesforce.com or other CRM/SFA tool.
Even though we guarantee results, we don't just turn the campaign on and walk away. We'll generate live, Web-based reports so you can access up-to-the-minute results 24/7, and we'll monitor the program constantly, troubleshooting any vendor issues that arise, and making recommendations to add, drop or swap content as necessary.
Want more? Enhance your program with Lead Recycling, our turnkey lead nurturing solution, and we'll automatically score, qualify, and nurture all inbound leads, only posting them to your CRM system when they're "sales ready" (by whatever criteria you define). For leads that don't meet the grade, we'll design custom communication programs to keep those leads warm until they merit sales follow-up.

How to get started

If you're already a Connect Direct client, simply contact your CDI account executive. Or, for a free, no-obligation consultation, contact our business development department at 650-306-9060 or send an e-mail to http://info@connectdirect.com.

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